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Blue Planet acquires majority stake in Mahindra Waste to Energy Solutions

Singapore-based waste management company, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions (Blue Planet) announced that it has acquired a majority stake in Mahindra Waste To Energy Solutions Ltd (MWTESL), a subsidiary of the Mahindra Group.

MWTESL specializes in converting municipal wet waste into bio-CNG through bio-methanation, complementing Blue Planet's carbon capture and utilization technologies expertise. The move is expected to help both companies integrate their expertise in developing comprehensive waste-to-energy solutions and advancing circular economy.

"This collaboration unlocks new markets and opportunities. Together, we will penetrate new regions and deliver integrated waste management and renewable energy solutions. This partnership undoubtedly strengthens our capabilities and impact in the region," said Prashant Singh, Co-founder & CEO of Blue Planet.

Headquartered in Singapore, Blue Planet drives sustainability through its end-to-end waste management platform. It applies these technologies across various stages of the waste life cycle to close the loop and provide circular economy solutions. 

"The collaboration fosters innovation in the waste-to-energy sector, leveraging unique technologies, research capabilities, and intellectual property from both companies," Blue Planet said in an official statement.


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Author : Shraddha Kakade
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