India’s first hands-on Li-ion cell fabrication workshop successfully concludes in Pune

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ISUW 2020 completes sixth edition

ISGF's flagship annual event, the India Smart Utility Week (ISUW), an international conference and exhibition on smart energy and smart mobility for smart cities concluded on March... Read More

Universal electrification in rural India – evolution and the way forward

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New Horizons in global battery R&D and investments

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Powering tomorrow

 Seth Fletcher's Bottled Lightning: Superbatteries, Electric Cars, and the New Lithium Economy, sounds heavy. Actually, it reads like a thriller and is a must read. As the twe... Read More

Indian labs establish global competitiveness through indigenous technology

The following is an excerpt from a podcast interview by Netra Walawalkar for Emerging Technology Radio, with Dr Bharat Kale, Director of Center for Materials for Electronics Techno... Read More

Global challenges and opportunities for Li-ion battery recycling

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Battery swapping: Game changer for EVs in India

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Propelling growth with e-hauling products

The Hyderabad-based startup Cellestial E-Mobility, launched its first e-tractor early last month. The electric powered tractor, engineered to be zero-emission and environment-frien... Read More

Explained: The inner workings of an electric vehicle

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Maharashtra power sector: Leading the energy transition race

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Gravity-based storage: Long duration backup for renewables

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Setting standards for the future of mobility

The co-operative industrial research association, better known as ARAI, is the sole keeper of standards both by and for the automotive industry. Today, the Automotive Research Asso... Read More

Enabling energy security through innovation

One of India's largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries, Amara Raja is keeping a close watch on emerging business opportunities, and is keen on enhancing its capabilities. Aspi... Read More

Journey towards human-centric technology

With an upfront price of `89,000, Jeevtronics' SanMitra 1000 HCT is India's, and probably the world's, lowest-cost hospital grade defibrillator. Through this technology, the socio-... Read More

Smart City Mission centers carry out COVID-19 ops

India's hi-tech 100 Smart City Mission was just taking off when the coronavirus struck. A little tweaking, and the war against the pandemic is being fought better, with technology ... Read More

As the coronavirus contagion grips the world, the strongest weapon to combat it is technology. A glimpse into how it is being effectively deployed in the fight against the outbreak.

First made-in-India COVID-19 test kit delivered Pune-based molecular diagnostics company Mylab Discovery Solutions has received commercial approval from the Central Drugs Standard ... Read More

Highlights of IESA webinar on COVID impact on electricity utilities

On April 2, 2020, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) held an open webinar on 'The Role and Readiness of Electricity Utilities during COVID-19 Effect'. Over 300 participants regis... Read More

COVID-19 and its impact on solar and storage sector

The spread of COVID-19 poses a serious challenge to the momentum picked up by the solar power and energy storage sector in India, but in the long term, the crisis could help cataly... Read More

Time to rise for Earth

The 50th Earth Day celebrations this year will be rather low owing to the Corona outbreak, but digital initiatives world over will ensure thatthe enthusiasm remains high. Karu... Read More

Green charging the clean earth drive

Since time immemorial, with ancient texts as testimony, in India the earth has been revered as 'mother earth' and prayed to as the one that sustains life and gives in abundance. Un... Read More