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ETN Know More: Hydrogen

Want to understand hydrogen? Start here with a selection of our articles that decode the subject and keep you abreast with everything you need to know. 

There's buzz around hydrogen. This article takes you through the fuel, decoding the hope and the hype and the pitfalls in between. 

An introduction to, and status update on, hydrogen valleys -- a name for industrial clusters planned with hydrogen in mind.  

Aviation is difficult to decarbonize but the sector has promised to become carbon neuteral. H2-fueled aircraft are taking flight. 

The continent aims to generate 10 million tons of green hydrogen a year while importing a similar capacity from overseas. 

The US is spending $7 billion for seven Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs across the mainland, with potential investment of $47 billion.

Mitsubishi Corp plans to build the world's largest green hydrogen plants -- 30x larger than current ones -- in the Netherlands. 

Author : Mandar Bakre
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