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Stellantis Pro One begins H2-powered vehicle deliveries to HYSETCO

Source: Stellantis

Stellantis Pro One, the commercial vehicle business unit of the automotive group, has announced the commencement of fleet deliveries of Peugeot-branded 'e-Expert' hydrogen fuel-cell powered passenger and delivery vans to HYSETCO, the hydrogen mobility startup based in France.

These vehicle will be part of HYSETCO's "largest fleet" of hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles to be deployed in France. Stellantis received the order from HYSETCO for 150 H2 vans last month. Deployments to start from this month onwards.

As per the agreement, the vehicles will be offered by the automaker with all associated services including servicing, maintenance and repairs, insurance, replacement vehicles, administrative formalities, and so on.

The vans are specifically designed for commercial transportation as passenger taxis and shuttles, and as delivery vans for last-mile logistics. 


Stellantis, Hype deploy 50 PRM hydrogen fuelcell taxis in Paris  

Stellantis and Hype have recently announced their partnership for the supply and operation of hydrogen-powered vehicles, starting with a first batch of 50 zero-emission, hydrogen-powered PRM taxis in Paris.

"With another delivery of Hydrogen vehicles and our strong results in the beginning of 2024, Stellantis Pro One once again demonstrates it offers a divers & wide range of models, supporting our professional clients in their transition to zero emission mobility", Xavier Peugeot, Director of the Stellantis Pro One Business Unit. 

"We are the first manufacturer in the world to market a range of hydrogen electric vehicles covering two segments and offer our customers a solution to complement electric vehicles," he added. 

It is reported that the hydrogen fuel-cell systems used in these vehicles are sourced from Symbio, in which Stellantis hold 33 percent stake. With the start of commercial deliveries, the automaker is one of the very few players taking a head start in commercial hydrogen mobility in Europe. 

It is to be noted that France is a one of the leading market for hydrogen vehicles in the continent. The Renault Group and Plug Power's hydrogen mobility joint-venture 'Hyvia' is based out of France too, which has also partnered with HYSETCO for deployment of H2 vehicles and refueling infrastructure. 


HYVIA, HYSETCO to accelerate development of Hydrogen mobility 

HYVIA and HYSETCO announced their mutual cooperation towards faster development of hydrogen mobility for light commercial vehicles.
Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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