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Nexeon breaks ground on silicon anode material production site in South Korea

Source: Nexeon

Developer of silicon-based anode materials for lithium batteries, Nexeon has announced the groundbreaking of its first commercial production facility in Gunsan, South Korea. The company is targeting production at commercial volumes starting in 2025.

The site is strategically chosen to be adjacent to OCI's facilities, enabling a "fenceline" supply of silane, a critical raw material for the production of silicon anode material. 

By 2030, the new facility will have the capacity to produce significant volumes of material annually, allowing Nexeon to supply its pipeline of customers globally, it claims. 

"Breaking ground on our first commercial production facility is the culmination of many years of dedication and technical accomplishments by the Nexeon team. It marks a key moment in our growth and reflects the commercial interest customers have shown in our technology," said Scott Brown, CEO of Nexeon. 

"By beginning construction on our first commercial production site, we are on track to deliver the game-changing benefits of silicon anode materials to the global battery market", he added. 

Nexeon claims that its silicon anode materials significantly increase the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. The company's second-generation "drop-in" technology allows battery manufacturers to easily integrate higher silicon content into their existing production processes without requiring additional capital expenditure, it adds. 

The company's partnership with OCI, one of the world's largest manufacturers of silane outside of China, ensures a dedicated pipeline for silane delivery for a streamlined production. Additionally, OCI has the capability to scale production alongside Nexeon, ensuring a reliable supply of raw materials far into the future to meet growing market demands.

"We are thrilled to partner with Nexeon in this endeavour," said Yoo-Shin Kim, President (CEO) of OCI. "This collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies, combining OCI's expertise in advanced materials with Nexeon's leading silicon anode technology. Together, we will deliver high-quality, cost-competitive solutions that accelerate the future of battery technology". 

OCI will produce silane by utilizing by-products from an existing manufacturing process used for semiconductor materials, further compounding cost-competitiveness. 

Author : Dhiyanesh Ravichandran
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