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CATL's latest 'Tianheng' BESS claims zero degradation for 5 years

Source: CATL via CnEVPost

Chinese battery giant CATL recently launched its latest battery energy storage system (BESS) named 'Tianheng' in China to tag the emerging domestic and global ESS markets. 

At the launch, the company claimed the product as the world's first mass-produced BESS to achieve zero attenuation for the first five years of its life span. 

Tianheng, a 20-foot containerized energy storage system, us equipped with CATL's 'L-series' lithium-iron phosphate battery cells designed for long-life and stationary storage applications. 

With a total capacity of 6.25 MWh, the new product is rated with an energy density of 430 Wh/L, "the highest in the world", according to its manufacturer. With a life cycle of more than 15,000 charging and discharging, Tianheng's expected life expectancy is about 20 years. 

At the launch event, Xu Jinmei, CTO of CATL's energy storage business unit, said that the company has been involved in 0-attenuation long-life battery technology for a long time, achieving a balance between energy density and safety on the Tianheng system, as reported by CnEVPost

CATL's energy storage business is said to be rapidly growing, although its primary revenue is dominated by power batteries used in EVs. 

Last year, the company's energy storage battery business revenue is said to be RMB 59.9 billion, up 33.17 percent as against that of the previous year, accounting for about 14.94 percent of the total revenue.

The battery firm's CEO Robin Zeng has already estimated that his company's energy storage business revenue would be comparable to that of the EV battery business by the end of this decade. 

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