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The Global Startup Outreach Program Boosting innovation through startup initiatives

Acording to a report on 'Indian Tech Startups Ecosystem' (NASSCOM, November 2019) the Indian startup scenario continues to expand with a healthy mix of sectors. The report highlighted that Ed-tech, Fintech, Mobility, Automotive and Healthcare were the top five sectors growing at an incredibly fast pace in India.

Acknowledging the need to promote innovation in the e-mobility, energy storage and emerging technologies space and to further propel India's drive towards a greener future, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) on November 6, organized the Global Startup Outreach Program in association with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) for startups in the e-mobility, clean energy, energy storage and clean transportation sectors.

The program was a part of India Energy Storage Week 2020 (IESW 2020), IESA's 7th annual international conference and expo on energy storage, electric vehicles and microgrids. The event was supported by Invest India, Startup India, TiE Global, New Energy Nexus, MeitY start up hub and VJTI-TBI.

IESA has held several startup pitches, organized competitions and innovation pavilions since 2013 as part of its annual flagship event, and it has worked with 35+ startups in this space.

For the Global Startup Outreach Program held this year, IESA received more than 30+ nominations from emerging startups from the field of clean energy, energy storage, energy management, and electric mobility, out of
which 12 were shortlisted to present the startup pitch based on their unique quotient, innovation, R&D initiatives among other things.

Each startup got to present their pitches to jury and explain the product/service worthiness. The jury board after assessing the 12 startup pitches selected three winners: Minion Labs Pvt Ltd, NavAlt Solar and Electric Boats Pvt Ltd and Jeevtronics.

The winners will receive a complementary IESA membership for a year and mentorship from IESA Leadership Council.

Minion Labs India

Minion Labs helps businesses to reduce their electricity costs and improve their productivity by providing real-time device level electricity consumption insights using a smart energy device delivered through its Analytical platform. They are a group of young talents joining hands together and working in AI-IoT starting from conceptualizing, designing and developing products in Smart City Workspace along with leveraging data analytics to provide services that will automate everyday living. Thus, making a simpler, easier, cost-effective, and secure life.

MinionLabs Analytical Platform. Source: MinionLabs India
Gokul Shrinivas,Founder & CEO of MinionLabs India Pvt


Minion is based on a machine learning approach that uses automation to train its state-of-the-art algorithm. The algorithm captures voltage and energy signatures at four million data points per second to identify individual assets used and study patterns of their consumption. It senses each appliance, device and tool turning ON and OFF inside the building and gives you a comprehensive report on predictive analytics and maintenance without burning a hole in your pocket. Using this data, Minion promises up to 30 percent savings, predictive maintenance, and asset health monitoring, and ensures safety through recognition of any anomalies.

On being announce winner, Gokul Shrinivas, Founder & CEO of MinionLabs India, said, "We are extremely happy about being selected as a winner of IESA's Global Startup Outreach program in association with UNIDO. MinionLabs views this association for its technology and business mentorship, access to customer/partners, technology platform an support, investor connect, etc., with its innovation in energy management solution to address cost savings, energy efficiency, and environmental concern. Becoming a member of the leading energy storage alliance in India will give a head start to MinionLabs to accelerate the adoption of Minion Energy Management Solution across India, with its rich community of industry leaders and partners."


MinionLabs India has won 19 national and international awards, including awards from the Prime Minister of India, and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

NavAlt Solar and Electric Boats

NavAlt is a Kochi-based solar-powered marine mobility startup. Its vision is to transform marine transport more efficiently by drastically reducing the energy for its operation. The company is a result of three experts coming together, along with their respective ventures – Navgathi Marine Design and Construction, AltEn Systems (France) and EVE Systems (France). NavAlt envisions a more efficient water transport system which does not use fossil fuels. Its team of engineers have combined the advancements in EV technology, naval architecture, and photovoltaics, to build electric boats and ferries that run on solar energy.


NavAlt Solar & Electric Boats commercial ferry, ADITYA, is India's first solar ferry. It completed one year of operation in January 2018. In the same year it transported 500,000 people across the backwaters of Kerala, travelled 20,000 km without a single drop of fuel, and saved 35,000 liters of diesel that translates to 94 tons of CO2 and 8 tons of harmful emissions. The company is currently building three more boats of India and many more for other parts of
the world.

On winning runners-up position, Sandith Thandasherry, Founder& CEO - NavAlt Solar & Electric Boats said, "We're proud that NavAlt secured second position in the startup; and to receive IESA membership as a winner of the global outreach program. When road-based e-mobility is receiving both financial and policy level support from the government, water-based e mobility is always side-lined. We believe IESA membership and support will empower us to overcome these challenges and create opportunities for fulfilling our aim to build sustainable water transportation in India. With the large network and member base of IESA, we also look forward to enhancing and promoting made-in-India electric boats for world markets."


'Aditya' solar-powered ferry, which commenced operations three years ago in Vembanad backwaters, won the prestigious Gustave Trouve Award for Excellence in Electric Boats and Boating.

Aditya, India’s first solar-powered ferry. Source: NavAlt Solar & Electric Boats


Jeevtronics is a social + technology venture based in Pune. The company has developed the world's first dual powered bi-phasic defibrillator (SanMitra 1000 HCT), which works even in geographic areas without electricity. The company's achievements include - being named among India's top 24 startups by MSIS (Aug 2020), completed a pilot with the government, included in India's top 20 COVID solutions by BIRAC, received CAWACH grant from DST for scaling up in response to COVID-19, and won grant from PATH - Tata Social Alpha.


At present, Jeevtronics has four patents around the defibrillator technology and it's designed to meet all the international standards. It has already passed the pre-compliance test for EU-C marking and in its in-house testing, the company has fired 16,000 shocks as a part of the durability testing. The platform technology will enable the startup to develop other products and enter various market segments.

Ashish Gawade and Aniruddha Atre, Founders of Jeevtronics, on being announced third position winners, stated: "Due to COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased awareness about healthcare, in terms of the need for good infrastructure, health care insurance, and others. There is a heightened awareness which is giving rise to several opportunities and many innovators are coming up with innovative ideas to solve these problems.

There are new opportunities in the repurposing of technology and techniques and many task forces are currently working on existing drug or molecules used for one disease, that could be used to cure another. Similarly, in devices also we see several opportunities, overall in terms of strengthening the health infrastructure and this is a good development for a country like India."

Jeevtronics SanMitra 1000 HCT defibrillator. Source: Jeevtronics


Various accolades won by Jeevtronics:

-SanMitra 100 HCT included in BIRAC's Top 20 COVID-19 solutions

-Awarded 1st prize in the Medtech-Scaleup category at the IKMC 2020 in November

-One of the selected startups for DBS50 Cohort 2017: Access to Global Mentors

-One of the top six finalists at Social Venture Challenge Asia, Singapore in 2016

-Secured 2nd prize in the Tata Social Enterprise Challenge at IIM-Calcutta in January 2016

-Bagged the top position at the lightning pitch competition at the International Knowledge Millennium Conference in November 2015.

Author : IESA Admin
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