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Fluence milestone: crosses 20 GWh of energy storage systems globally

The 500 MW / 1000 MWh Liddell Battery Project is Fluence's largest in Australia to date. Image Courtesy: Fluence

Fluence Energy last week announced that the company had surpassed 20 GWh of deployed and contracted energy storage systems globally. 

In a release, the company called this an "industry-leading milestone" that marked "a new era of scale in battery-based energy storage installations". 

President and Chief Executive Officer Julian Nebreda said: "As the scale and complexity of battery storage projects continue to grow, few technology providers can deliver the breadth of solutions and experience needed to succeed in this rapidly evolving market." 

"As we enter this new era of scale in battery energy storage, Fluence is well positioned to deliver for our customers globally. We will continue bringing new products and capabilities to market while providing services, support, and digital solutions to help customers generate the most value from their operations," Nebrada added.

The global battery storage market is growing at rapid speed, with BloombergNEF forecasting front-of-the-meter additions to touch 158 GWh a year by 2030. 

Fluence said it had partnered with customers to deploy some of the world's largest and most complex energy storage systems, and its global fleet of assets had amassed nearly 3 million operating hours to date. 

Among its recent highlights was the company's selection by AGL Energy to deliver a 500 MW / 1000 MWh energy storage system for the Liddell Battery Project in New South Wales. Located at AGL's Hunter Energy Hub in New South Wales, the project is Fluence's biggest energy storage system to date in Australia. Construction is expected to begin in early 2024, with operations expected to start around mid-2026. 

Fluence is also deploying three energy storage-as-transmission-asset projects for transmission system operators in Germany, including a 250 MW Grid Booster for TransnetBW and two Grid Booster systems with a combined power capacity of 200 MW for TenneT TSO. 

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