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Yulu launches YuluMax Network, India’s 1st AI-powered battery infra for e-2W

‘Yulu Max Network’ - India's first AI-powered battery charging & swapping solution for e-2W (Source: YuluBike)

E-mobility service provider YuluBike has announced that it has introduced a battery charging and replacement station network named "YuluMax Network". Max Network helps customers replace batteries without the downtime and decrease the anxiety of the range of EV users.

The company says it will be India's first AI-powered vertically integrated battery infrastructure for electric motorcycles.

Max Station aims to solve the problem of distance anxiety in electric motorcycles by placing the battery replacement station within 2 km of the rider's reach. To make this possible, Yulu will create 500 Max stations in the NCR region of Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi by mid-2022. These stations are strategically located in high-density areas, making EVs a convenient and practical mobility solution. By the end of 2022, the network will be expanded to over 2,000 maximum stations, eventually keeping these maximum stations within the reach of riders.

The first batch of 10 YuluMax stations was launched in Bangalore. The inauguration was held on November 16, 2021, at Castle Street in Bangalore Central Business District (CBD). The inauguration was attended by V Manjula, Director of the Urban Land Transport Bureau. BR Ravikanthe Gowda, IPS, Bangalore City Police (Transportation) Co-member, and MN Reddi, IPS, Former Police Commissioner, Bangalore City. The event was also attended by Yulu co-founders KMishra and Naveen Dachuri.

According to the company, Bangalore's Max Network will be expanded to 30 by the end of this month and 100 within the next three months. They can increase the initial cost of 10,000 battery replacements per day to 25,000 batteries per day by the end of the next quarter in the NCR region of Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. By the end of next year, Max Network will be able to replace batteries 150,000 times a day, covering 750 square kilometers of electric motorcycle users in these three cities.

Yulu's AI-based platform improves the availability and predictability of EV batteries, and its technology-driven process enables users to quickly replace and use batteries immediately.

YuluBike co-founder Amit Gupta stated "Unprecedented demand for EVs and shared electric mobility is a clear indicator of changing consumer tastes. With Yulu Max Network, you don't have to worry about the range and time required to charge your battery. Max Network will be initially available to all Yulu users and will allow you to replace the battery at your convenience. "

V Manjula, Director of the Urban Land Transport Department of the Urban Development Bureau, who plays an important role in promoting sustainable transport planning, funding, and implementation throughout Karnataka, attended the launch. She states: "As cities are fighting increasing pollution and congestion problems, such disruptive innovations can greatly help improve the situation. Charging facilities like the Yulu Max Network are being transported by more people. We encourage the use of shared electric vehicles to meet our requirements. This serves as a role model for India's vision for a sustainable ecosystem and the adoption of shared electric vehicles. " 

Author : Debi Dash
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