Has India's new EV policy piqued Tesla's interest? Musk is coming to meet Modi

Image: Tesla

India's new EV manufacturing policy is likely to pay a quick dividend. Elon Musk announced that he would be visiting the country to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "Looking forw...

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ETN Roundtable: Priority lending crucial for EV-related investments in India

In the Indian EV ecosystem today, huge investments are required to address technology redundancy and adequate production capacity. Priority lending and variety of instruments for c...

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ETN Roundtable: Addressing the financial gap in India’s EV transition

India has made a strong commitment to e-mobility. The country's EV transition is gaining traction due to demand creation, State EV policies, and domestic manufacturing. Concurrentl...

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Investor Perspectives on Accelerating Growth in the Indian EV Ecosystem

The decarbonization of the transport sector in India is at the center of global climate change abatement. Adding 300 million new vehicles to its roads by 2040 could lead to a four ...

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