Honda begins production of hydrogen fuel cell EVs in Ohio

Source: Honda

Honda has recently commenced the production of the all-new MY2025 Honda CR-V e:FCEV fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) at the Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Ohio, Un...

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Honda unveils EV pivot: $65 bn spend, seven new models using F1-developed technology by 2030

Honda announced it will double its investment in EVs to $65 billion and launch seven new electric models by 2030, as the Japanese company moves to catch up with industry biggies su...

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Asahi Kasei confirms battery separator plant in Canada; joint investment with Honda likely

Asahi Kasei's Hipore battery separator membrane.

Asahi Kasei has announced the construction of an integrated plant in Ontario, Canada for the base film manufacturing and coating of 'Hipore' wet-process lithium...

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Nissan and Honda mull strategic partnership towards vehicle electrification, intelligent mobility

Makoto Uchida (left), President and CEO of Nissan along with Toshihiro Mibe, Director, President, and representative executive officer, Honda at a joint conference in Tokyo on Friday, March 15.

Japanese auto rivals Nissan Motor Co., Ltd (Nissan) and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Honda) have recently signed an agreement to undertake feasibility study for a strategic par...

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GM-Honda JV starts production of hydrogen fuel cell power solutions

General Motors (GM) and Honda have announced the start of commercial production at Fuel Cell System Manufacturing LLC (FCSM), their equally-owned joint venture,...

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CES 2024: E-mobility with digital, connected techs displayed in flair

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 last week, the spotlight gleamed on the dazzling future of transportation – a symphony of electric mobility and connected car techn...

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Honda, Tokuyama, Mitsubishi try effective reuse of fuel-cell systems from FCEVs

Honda Motor Co., Tokuyama Corporation, and Mitsubishi Corporation have announced a joint demonstration to operate a data center using by-product hydrogen and a stationary fuel...

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Isuzu, Honda demo hydrogen fuel-cell heavy-truck in Japan

Source: Isuzu Motors

Last week, Japanese automakers Isuzu Motors and Honda Motor Co. began the public demonstration and testing of their a fuel-cell powered heavy-duty tru...

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Honda showcases next-gen hydrogen fuel cell for use in EVs, stationary power

Image: Honda

Honda has readied its next-generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell System Module, developed jointly along with General Motors, and showcased a prototype at the recently-concluded European Hy...

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Eye on EV Charging: In China and Japan, charging networks are largely collaborative affairs

Image: BYD

Well distributed and easy-to-access charging networks will be a vital factor for faster adoption of e-mobility. The networks need to provide fast, reliable and sustainable charging...

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Honda, Mitsubishi Corporation exploring new business opportunities in e-mobility

Honda Motor Company and Mitsubishi Corporation have recently signed an MoU to discuss on the creation of new businesses within the emerging electric vehicle eco...

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Honda prepones new EV platform to 2025, eyes 2 mn EVs annually by 2030

Japanese automaker Honda is looking at a bigger EV with a new platform in 2025, a year earlier than initially announced. Tokyo-based Honda is also gearing up for an electrification...

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Honda, GS Yuasa to establish JV for making Lithium-ion batteries

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Honda) and GS Yuasa International Ltd. have announced that they have reached a basic agreement toward collaboration for a high-capacity, high-output lit...

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Honda-LG Energy Solution EV battery plant to come up in Ohio

Honda and LG Energy Solution have announced that their new joint venture battery manufacturing plant will be located in Fayette County, Ohio, with an investment of $3.5 billion. Th...

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Honda to accelerate on electrification of motorcycles; to bring 10+ EVs by 2025

Japanese brand Honda has announced its roadmap to achieve carbon neutrality for all of its motorcycle products by 2050. With primary focus on environmental strategies for motorcycl...

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Sony, Honda to form JV for selling e-cars by 2025

Sony and Honda Motor have announced that they have agreed to an equally owned joint venture that will begin selling electric cars in 2025. Honda, like bigger rival Toyota Motor, ha...

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Atul Greentech join forces with Honda, Valeo to develop e-vehicles in India

Gujarat-based Indian electric vehicle player Atul Greentech Private Limited (AGPL) has announced that it has joined forces with Honda Power Pack Energy India Private Limited and Va...

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Honda reveals its electrification, battery procurement strategy; to invest $40 billion

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has revealed a comprehensive strategy for electrification and business transformation for the future, touching upon a variety of aspects including investment ...

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Honda subsidiary, HPCL join forces for setting up BaaS in India

Honda Power Pack Energy India Private Limited, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.'s new subsidiary for battery sharing service, and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) have announced...

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Honda, SES to pursue joint research on developing next-gen EV batteries

Honda Motor Co. Ltd. has announced the signing of a joint development agreement with US-based EV battery research and development firm SES Holdings Pte. Ltd. Both the companies wil...

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