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EARTHDAY.ORG launches waste cleanup partnership model

Earth Day Network (EDN) and Kabadiwalla Connect (KC) has launched a waste cleanup initiative and partnering model with local 'kabadiwallas' (waste managers) at Kovalam Beach, Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu yesterday. The event aimed to foster environmental consciousness and community engagement to help keep the environment pristine and unpolluted.

An important aspect of this initiative is to promote proper segregation and repurposing of collected plastic and electronic waste by waste handlers and other partners in the waste management supply chain. To better handle e-waste collected in these cleanup drives, EDN has joined hands with Customized Energy Solutions (CES) as a key partner in its cleanup model. 

Karuna Singh, EARTHDAY.ORG's Regional Director of Asia, commented on the initiative, "The global theme for Earth Day 2024 is 'Planet vs. Plastics', urges humanity to call for an end to plastics, fostering the development of affordable and readily available biodegradable alternatives. Our partnership with KC and Surf Turf will play a crucial role in achieving these goals."

"The collaboration will work to develop learning models that equip citizens with the knowledge and skills to effectively partner during cleanups with local kabadiwallas (waste managers) to ensure the proper segregation and repurposing of collected plastic waste," said Siddharth Hande, the CEO of Kabadiwalla Connect.

Earth Day's partnership with CES, with prior expertise in clean energy and sustainable solutions, is expected make a significant contribution to the cleanup initiative and waste management model by identifying e-wastes for effective segregation and recycling.

Ashok Thakur, Director at Customized Energy Solutions Europe BV, commented, "We at Customized Energy Solutions are committed to promoting clean technologies and be part of the global energy transition. As a responsible corporate working together with industries on enabling sustainable processes and circular economy". 

He further expressed his delight in working together with the Earth Day on imparting technical knowhow and training on battery waste collection among waste handlers and other stakeholders in the waste management chain. 

CES's industry arm India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) is already engaged in developing a parallel system of disposal and recycling of batteries alongside battery manufacturing initiatives. IESA's Reuse & Recycling Initiative (IRRI) initiative promotes the best practices of battery recycling and reuse in India, with a special focus on the battery waste collection mechanism and research in battery recycling. 

IESA helps local stakeholders adopt proper classification and segregation strategies for batteries at centralized locations, alongside creating a collection network for used batteries in India, and support the concept of 'urban mining' by extracting key materials from urban waste. 

Further, IESA also recognizes key stakeholders and performers in battery waste management and recycling at its annual 'IESA Industry Excellence Awards' in partnership with Earth Day Network.   


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