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Bengaluru-based startup Pravaig secures order to supply battery for European forces

Pravaig Field Pack (Source" Pravaig)

Bengaluru-based startup Pravaig has announced that it has secured an order to provide compact energy storage to European combat forces.

The Made in India tactical batteries will power equipment used by European combat forces, Pravaig said in a declaration.

M2M Factory & AMG Pro combined, which are large distributors of defence and energy equipment to European armed forces with over 90 brands such as Under Armour, Defcon, Casio, Magnum, and Leatherman, are now making tactical batteries in India with Pravaig.

The Pravaig Field Pack will be supplied to the defence manufacturer, the company statement read.

"These batteries are designed, engineered, and made in India. This supply marks a major shift in the defence landscape of India. A tipping point in the reversal of India's high technology defence industry, from users to developers, from importers to exporters. A feat considered impossible just a few years ago," said Siddhartha Bagri, CEO of Pravaig in the statement.

The modern soldier is a cyborg-like human, with electronics being a significant part of their equipment.

Pravaig's Field Pack provides the modern soldier and their equipment enough energy to charge the equivalent of a MacBook 60 times, the statement said.

"We showed Pravaig the difficulties of the soldiers in desert, snow, urban, and forest environments, and they have come up with a unique solution to solve the energy needs. We will showcase the Pravaig Field Pack at EuroSatory, the largest defence exhibition in Europe," said David Amsellem, CEO of AMG Pro.

"Pravaig delivered this solution from concept to creation within 60 days, something unheard of in the global defence industry," said Jeremie Caron, Director of M2M Factory.

The lightweight, robust and waterproof batteries open immense opportunities for energizing personal equipment, deploying remote sensors and communication relays in the field, and remotely hibernating and activating significantly larger equipment. 

Author : Debi Dash
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